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Sleep and other good things

Jackson slept from 7:30P-7A last night. If you’d told me that would happen one year ago today I would have given a sardonic laugh, said “Yeah right! I wish!” And then ignored you the rest of the day out of exhausted resentment.

Jackson also had a conversation with Granma today. My mom picked him up from school and asked him what he wanted to do that afternoon. He told her “I want to go to Granma’s house and play.”

Later he sang Everly “Little Bird” on his sweet, musical voice. I wish it was pn camera! Both kids love Elizabeth Mitchell’s children’s music. Jackson seemed to memorize that particular song (Everly’a favorite) right away!

Everly was talkative, sweet, and full of words. Banana is probably the newest and cutest one.

School is cancelled for tomorrow! Now let’s just hope my clinic closes early so I don’t get stranded far away from my house when this nasty storm hits.

Time to get some sleep!

20130221-055918.jpgJackson gives a thumbs up to good sleep!!

20130221-060058.jpgAnd just because I like it, a picture of Everly chasing bubbles.

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Back on the wagon

I’m getting back on the blogging wagon! My mom keeps urging me to “share all this stuff” with the world. That may just be a few relatives :) but it’s nice to have a place to tuck away memories. You can only put so many details on Facebook! With that, let journaling begin!

Yesterday we went to the forest. Right now it’s freezing outside and the trails are a mix of frost and mud. So we took the kids to the indoor area. They have a very small museum of sorts upstairs, and a small activity center for the kids below. It was in the middle of being revamped, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. This was a new place! To run around! With new blocks and books and things to line up!

They have a small bird watching areas downstairs too. I imagine this is where the adults go to hide away? We discussed birds with the kids. Jack is obsessed with woodpeckers right now. A turkey walked up to the window. When I remarked that they didn’t seem to mind the cold, an older employee who happened to be walking by responded with “They don’t care! They don’t care at all!” as she shook her fist. I half expected her to tell me they don’t give a shit ;)

Later that night we threw some dinner together and offered Jackson a plate of what WE were all having, instead of something separate. He took a few bites of the burger and ate nearly 2 applesauces. He didn’t mind the rice, potatoes or broccoli on his plate, so that’s progress! He finished before us so he decided to play with his food. We are all about touching and exploring food. Those OT lessons were good for all of us! So when Jackson used the parts of his meal to build a nest?


So proud. He told us it was a nest:
“Look it’s a nest! For a woodpecker!”

He speaks clear as day. His voice has always had a song in it. A happiness. When he speaks sentences like that? It’s literally music to our ears.

So that’s what we did with our Monday off as a family. We also hit up the psychologist for a discussion about potty-training for Jackson. Yeah! And discussed the benefits of getting a dog (his doctor highly approves, so maybe that is something we will finally pursue!)

Oh and if you’re looking for Everly, you can probably find her here doing this:


Unless she needs her diaper changed. In which case she will bring you a diaper and lay on the floor expectantly. Leaving you stunned. Or maybe she’s playing an instrument. Both kids love music so much and it brings me joy to watch them discovering it on their own!


And last but not least, one of my docs at work that I adore saw this shirt, and because of the sign hanging at my desk, thought of me:

Yep, that sounds about right!!

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So now that I’ve gotten Saturday’s events off my chest, I can focus on yet another week of work. Today is my day off. Both the kids are sleeping. And I think my FB status update sums it up best:

Some days brushing my own teeth becomes a GOAL.

Monday’s are BUSY. I love being home with both kids. But some days are crazy. Jackson woke up at 5 so he’s been in fine form. Everly woke around 7:30 but refused all real naps until about 12:15. It was kind of an insane morning. I’ve only washed 2 loads of towels, cleaned out the fridge, and run the dishwasher. I still have a playroom to pick up, hand wash items to clean up, a bathroom to wipe down, and at some point I’ve got to pump today so Everly will have milk tomorrow. And on top of that, a grocery store trip will need to happen. Tonight. Then the ritual of getting all my shit ready for another week of work…begins. Sigh

You know what I’m doing while the kids are napping though? Reading a good book, blogging this nonsense, and now I’m going to get a quick nap too.

Here are some pics from our morning.





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Wordless Wednesdays (to make up for the lack of posting)


A blurry smile


Crazy Hair




Strike that pose!

Say cheese!

Big smiles!

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Introductions Are Nice.

So I think I’m going to do two things with this blog. I’m going to work on giving a history of Jackson including his premature birth and his battle with hydrocephalus; I will also incorporate current events as we go. I’m hoping that in this way, I can bring everyone up to speed on Jackson’s journey thus far, while providing updated news as well. My hope is that this doesn’t confuse people too much…just gives me more time and space to tell his story. It feels like a long and short amount of time has passed all at once.

I want this to be a place where our families and friends can come for updates. To provide greater detail for those relatives living farther away. And a glimpse into our private struggles and celebrations.

Now that I’ve explained the purpose of this blog…a brief background.

Jesse and I married in July 2008. We became pregnant with Jackson in October 2008. In March of 2009 I was placed on modified bedrest for preeclampsia. Jackson was born May 23, 2009 at 34 weeks gestation. He spent 14 days in the NICU. We had a wonderful summer after that. At Jackson’s 4 month well baby check our pediatrician noted that his head circumference had taken a major jump. Just a few days later we were seeing a neurosurgeon and received the diagnosis: hydrocephalus. The following day (October 2nd) he had a shunt placed. About 6 weeks later we began noticing some funny eye movements. A visit to the neurosurgeon confirmed a large, arachnoid cyst in the middle of his brain. He underwent a successful cyst fenestration and third ventriculostomy (though we still don’t know if the latter was completely successful yet). A few days after turning 7 months old, and just after Christmas, Jackson’s shunt malfunctioned. On December 28th Jackson underwent his third surgery, a shunt replacement.

That’s brings us up to speed on Jackson’s health history so far! He will have a dye study in the middle of June to determine if the third ventriculostomy is successful and if his cyst has finished dissolving completely. He will have to undergo general anesthesia for this procedure as well.

Right now we have a busy busy busy almost 12 month old on our hands! Jackson is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up to a standing position, and even takes steps! He is stubborn and funny and so sweet. Loves to give hugs and kisses and play peek-a-boo with his blankets. Loves the “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” He loves to feed himself and will protest loudly if other people are eating around him and not feeding him :) Hates when he doesn’t get his way, doesn’t care for strangers.

Welcome to our little family: Jesse, Sarah, and Jackson :)

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